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Are you planning your dream home?

May 4, 2018

Design of the house

It’s always good when your house model has been completed in collaboration between experienced architects and an interior designer.

Usually their long-term experience includes the planning and designing of hundreds and hundreds of residences and public buildings.

Together with an architect and an interior designer you can create a house project that takes into account all the wishes and needs that you might have.

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A perfect house project, where dreams come true, includes beautiful exterior design and well thought-out planning. Every square meter is planned to maximize the efficiency of useful floor space. A well-planned project usually also helps to reduce the construction costs.

A well-planned house is a good living environment for all family members. Everyone has enough room for privacy, the common rooms are comfortable, there are rooms for housekeeping and hobbies are also taken into account.

Energy efficiency of the house

A comprehensively planned log house, which has been built to a high quality, has the same energy efficiency as any other equivalent type of house.

While planning a house we recommend you pay attention to the compactness of the house, the position of the house in relation to the cardinal directions, the size and location of facade openings. This is important due to the fact that 13% of the heat is lost through the roof ceiling, 35% through the ventilation system, 15% through doors and windows, 15% through walls, 15% through warm domestic water and 7% through floors.

In average 80% of energy spent during the lifespan of a building will be used for heating and cooling the rooms and for other devices – the rest of the 20% of energy is spent on manufacturing and building the house.

According to the intended use of the building, the norms of energy efficiency must be taken into account throughout the entire engineering process. As a result of following and implementing the right principals in the early stages of engineering we are able to create energy efficient houses.

Energy efficient solutions can reduce the fixed costs up to 20-30% and can significantly improve the quality of the living environment.